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I like eye-candy for my #hCard and for the longest time I did override the generic icon for missing SVGs via CSS. This never fixed the titles thought and after starting to mass non descriptive links all named “website” I started to dig into the code class-relme-domain-icon-map.php of the plugin.
Turns out Rel_Me_Domain_Icon_Map does some file system shacking for unknown domains in wp-content/plugins/indieweb/static/svg/ so I fixed myself some symbolic links:

discuss-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> lemmy.svg
live-dot-famkos-dot-net.svg -> owncast.svg
nerdpol-dot-ch.svg -> diaspora.svg
social-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> mastodon.svg
t-dot-me.svg -> telegram.svg
tube-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> peertube.svg

The title is read directly from the SVG so adding a title tag so custom SVGs helps with that.
That’s a lot of CSS that I can remove now 🤓

Anything I can help with?
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This is a brilliant idea and is broadly what underpins the mission of the IndieWeb space for the past decade. The difference is that it isn’t platform specific and a large portion of it is already built and working! Of course it’s in different stages and forms of usability for various platforms,…

I’m in.
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Now #UX
We want to change the existing settings page of #webmention #WordPress plugin (left).
Carolina and @JasonRouet are working on that (right)#CFHACK2022 #cfhack

We’ve been working on the 5.X branch on GitHub on and off for a while, which redoes the underlying structure. Haven’t gotten to the UI yet.
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Well, the IndieWeb folks and the standards folks like more complex solutions (not saying they are bad) to a lot of the simple things that were working then and you lose some of the charm

How is webmention more complicated vs trackback? It just adds verification? Trackback lacked any spam control.
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Mr. Asner starred on the TV comedy “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and later on the spinoff series “Lou Grant.”

I got several near chances to meet Mr. Asner at public appearances, and jumped at the chance, but it never worked out. Despite being of the wrong generation to watch Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant, I watched them in reruns. I recognized him as a voice actor, etc. He was acting up until the end and still has voice roles that have yet to come out. I am sad I will not be able to enjoy future work from him.
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First he discovered a long-forgotten rail tunnel. Then he spent decades trying — in vain — to revive Brooklyn’s trolley system.

Just found out about Bob Diamond’s passing. I had the pleasure of going on one of the tours of the tunnel he rediscovered when I was in high school, even bringing one of my teachers along. I later went to visit the warehouse where they were working on the trolleys for his plan. It had been many years since I had seen him, and while he was an imperfect individual, I appreciated his vision.
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I think I understand what you’re working towards Chris and it’s very interesting. One of the problems I have with the current Post Kinds plugin…

But Frank, it already does this. If there is no mf2, it tries JSON-LD and OGP.
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Just the same way that VC-backed rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft offload corporate cost centers and burdens onto their employees (which they’d otherwise like to call independent contractors), most customer service phone trees are meant to save time for their paid employees while offloading …

I can’t speak for every company, but as someone who has worked in a Call Center, the purpose of phone trees is not to offload the burden onto the caller. It is to route the caller to the right people. Everyone who answers the phone at an organization isn’t identically skilled. If you press 0, as so many people do, you could end up going to someone who isn’t qualified to do what you want, which means a poor experience or being transferred again. So, phone trees have callers do the work of telling the company what you want. Now, from your description, it sounds like their setup could use some improvement. I’ve been involved in the past in discussions to change the one at my employer based on the data we have on usage as well as feedback from the employees on how people are confusing the options.