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I like eye-candy for my #hCard and for the longest time I did override the generic icon for missing SVGs via CSS. This never fixed the titles thought and after starting to mass non descriptive links all named “website” I started to dig into the code class-relme-domain-icon-map.php of the plugin.
Turns out Rel_Me_Domain_Icon_Map does some file system shacking for unknown domains in wp-content/plugins/indieweb/static/svg/ so I fixed myself some symbolic links:

discuss-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> lemmy.svg
live-dot-famkos-dot-net.svg -> owncast.svg
nerdpol-dot-ch.svg -> diaspora.svg
social-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> mastodon.svg
t-dot-me.svg -> telegram.svg
tube-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> peertube.svg

The title is read directly from the SVG so adding a title tag so custom SVGs helps with that.
That’s a lot of CSS that I can remove now 🤓

Anything I can help with?

David Shanske

My day job is in training for an airline. I also develop Indieweb WordPress plugins so that others can take control of their online identity.

  1. All good, thanks 🙂

    Figured out how to do that for Syndication Links a while ago too. Just had to re-enable that.

    Hacked everything directly into the SemPress theme before and only now started a proper child theme so I’m taking a closer look at some things.

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