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This section covers projects I’ve done over the years, both educational and personal.

  • IndieWeb
    • Creator, Developer, or Regular Contributor to various WordPress plugins that are IndieWeb friendly as well as the WordPress project, noted below:
    • Webmentions
    • IndieAuth – wrote a complete IndieAuth(OAuth2) implementation and continue to update and expand it.
    • Simple Location – The ability to add location and weather(current and historic) to a post, interfacing with various APIs and adding ability to view posts by location.
    • Tempus Fugit – A bunch of time based improvements, such as adding a feed sorted by last updated, the ability to use ordinal dates in your permalinks, This Week/This Day in site posts pages/widgets, etc.
    • JSONFeed – Took over as maintainer for this plugin that adds JSONFeed support
    • Syndication Links – Adds icons to posts indicating syndicated copies of post on other sites, such as Twitter, etc. Has built in support for triggering providers
    • Micropub – Took over as maintainer and primary contributor for this implementation of the Micropub standard
    • Post Kinds – Allows for various Indieweb post types to be easily added in WordPress.
    • Yarns Microsub – Contributed the parsing code originally written for Post Kinds and expanded it to generate feeds for this social reading protocol.
    • IndieWeb plugin – asks as an extension suggestion mechanism for IndieWeb plugins as well as supporting h-card identity extensions to WordPress.
  • Personal
    • Scanning the entire family photo album, including all immediate family members and maintaining it. Future plans to organize for better sharing.
  • Education
    • Holocaust Virtual Tour – When I was at Elmont Memorial High School, I produced this series of pages, which formed a  research aid that covered the basics of the Holocaust for students researching it for an assignment who didn’t seem to have a basic overview of the subject.