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I disabled the PostKinds WordPress plugin, created by David Shanske. I stopped using it 3 years ago for new postings but disabling it then would have broken many older postings.
What makes the plugin useful is that it allows you to turn postings into different, well, kinds of posts. Such as a reply,…

I wish you’d said something. I have considered writing a migration tool to render the properties and save them in content if someone wanted to disable it, but being as I wasn’t leaving, it wasn’t a priority for me, but would have given it a quick shot if someone needed it. I hate to think people feel locked in.

Beyond that, not supporting the block editor is a choice, I know. Have some long term compromise thoughts on that, but…nothing has moved much.

David Shanske

My day job is in training for an airline. I also develop Indieweb WordPress plugins so that others can take control of their online identity.

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    No worries, David. I think we had some exchanges about it at the time (2021) in the IndieWeb IRC chat. A migration tool would be useful for others I’m sure. In my case, I used the opportunity to style things differently too. So it wasn’t just a migration out of the plugin, but also additional changes to how I do things in my site. In the end it was less work than I had dreaded beforehand to move over 800 or so postings.
    I do have one other oddity since I removed the plugin: post previews are empty, except for the title. Probably I’ve done something to the Sempress theme that causes this. Will explore. Update: this must have been something else, I can’t replicate it now.

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