Consistent Microformats

One of the problems in consuming microformats is consistency. There are a variety of different ways people structure their pages.

Many people have written code to solve this problem. I do it in my library, Parse This. Aaron Parecki does it in his XRay library.  The Microsub specification has a stricter jf2 output in order to simplify the client having to make all sorts of checks.

This is the point. It is easier to consume a clean and consistent parsed microformats structure.  Some of this would probably be solved by some consensus on the matter.

So, what does Parse This, and its ilk do? I lack a name for this sort of code.

  • It has two options: feed or single return
  • Feed tries to identify and standardize an h-feed. This means if there are multiple top level h- items, it will try to convert it into an h-feed.
  • Single will try to identify the top level h- item that matches the URL of the page.
  • In both cases, it will run authorship discovery in order to find the representative author and add this as an author property to the h-feed, or single h-entry etc.
  • It will try to run post type discovery.


Syndication Links for WordPress 4.2.4 is out. It tries for a few fixes to the scheduling of syndications, refreshes the icons, and introduces one new feature. A custom query. /? or such. It tries to return all posts that have a matching syndication link and can be added to any archive page.
Doing IndieWebCamp West Hack Day, and added another Simple Location for WordPress trick. I was doing custom rewrite improvements for Post Kinds, and added the ability to generate map views from any taxonomy or user.  Just add /map to the archive URL.