Indieweb Thoughts Post State of the Word

It has been a while since I wrote out some thoughts on where the Indieweb is on WordPress. Sitting here, after hearing Matt Mullenweg gave the State of the Word at WordCamp US, and after I assisting Tantek Çelik in his talk on Taking Back the Web, which was one of the contributing factors to my being at WordCamp US.

I joined the Indieweb community in 2014, and I feel after 5 years of work, things started to come together. We have a robust collection of plugins and opportunities. But over the coming months, there are some long term goals that need to be achieved.

  • The WordPress Block Editor – It is, whether I like it or not, the editor for WordPress is now Gutenberg. The Indieweb plugins currently avoid that reality. I made an effort to make sure that several of them would work with Gutenberg, despite not being Gutenberg ready, but I will have to bite the bullet and learn how to think in blocks.
  • The Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks plugin merge – This has been a slow process. It is holding up or delaying further iteration on the feature set…including things such as improved display.
  • IndieAuth – Improving and hardening the security of the IndieAuth plugin to prepare for AutoAuth and private post support. This requires some additional refactoring.
  • Indieweb Site Health Checker in the Indieweb Plugin – This would parse a site and check its MF2, similar to

There are obviously other things I’d like to do…improve Micropub for one. but the above are the ones that I think would push things forward the most.

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Thank you @WordCampUS and thanks @photomatt for the invitation to speak on “Take Back Your Web”! Huge thanks to @dshanske for all his help!

Great questions & seeing so many with their own sites. Follow @dshanske’s awesome posts and progress on his own site e.g. https://da…