Does anyone do self-assessments of how they’d quarantine people they share a living space with if they got sick? Doing one of these for family members, sort of like a drill to see how easy it would be to isolate someone. So far, identified several action items.
Replied to Disabled PostKinds Plugin by Ton Zijlstra (

I disabled the PostKinds WordPress plugin, created by David Shanske. I stopped using it 3 years ago for new postings but disabling it then would have broken many older postings.
What makes the plugin useful is that it allows you to turn postings into different, well, kinds of posts. Such as a reply,…

I wish you’d said something. I have considered writing a migration tool to render the properties and save them in content if someone wanted to disable it, but being as I wasn’t leaving, it wasn’t a priority for me, but would have given it a quick shot if someone needed it. I hate to think people feel locked in.

Beyond that, not supporting the block editor is a choice, I know. Have some long term compromise thoughts on that, but…nothing has moved much.