IndieAuth for WordPress Version 4.1.0

IndieAuth 4.1.0 was Released. One of the biggest changes were fixes as a result of the doubling of unit tests, which allowed several small scenarios to be troubleshooted, as well as other under the hood fixes.

In addition, the introduction of refresh tokens and an introspection endpoint, as discussed in the last Indieauth popup.

Finally, an experimental ticket auth endpoint, which is disabled by default, which can be enabled by added define( ‘INDIEAUTH_TICKET_ENDPOINT’, true ); to your wp-config.php file.

Ticket Auth is an developing spec that I’ve commented on before. This endpoint received tickets and redeems them…and at the moment, nothing else(which is why it is not enabled by default). That and the fact that we have not yet iterated on how to use the token once it is received.

David Shanske

My day job is in training for an airline. I also develop Indieweb WordPress plugins so that others can take control of their online identity.

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