Thoughts About Assertion Workflows

This is a preliminary technical workflow proposal for assertions, which would be needed for badges, endorsements, and other ideas. It is based on thoughts that I had listening to the badges session at Indiewebcamp NYC 2018.

Scenario 1: Individual creates criteria and wants to assert that other individual has achieved said criteria. Example: Professor wants to certify students completed coursework.

  • Professor Posts Criteria for Each Achievement as a unique page (A).
  • Student completes assignment as a post (B).
  • Professor Posts Badge/Assertion/Endorsement post on their website as an h-review, with a p-item property to student’s URL (B). Would need a new or existing property to represent the relationship to the original assertion (A). Suggest u-assert and u-assert-of?j Can use u-in-reply-to possibly.

Scenario 2: Individual creates assertion post and solicits others to endorse that statement as factual.

  • Individual makes a post to their site(h-resume for references on a resume, not sure what to request endorsement of a statement? p-assert with a nested h-item?) and invites other individuals(using existing invitee property used for RSVPs?) to endorse or assert it. Criteria might be included for achievement.
  • Others create ‘assertion’ posts on their site(assert-of) and send webmentions, which would cause the post to be updated to note that it had been achieved.

Existing microformats for h-resume and h-review seem to allow additional context.

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Rating
  • Best
  • Worst

Brainstorming on the Indieweb wiki under assertion.

David Shanske

My day job is in training for an airline. I also develop Indieweb WordPress plugins so that others can take control of their online identity.

5 Responses

  1. Throwing out some thoughts to see what sticks
    Issuer posts criteria
    Recipient posts proof and webmentions criteria
    Issuer validates and posts award and webmentions Recipient
    Private/ephemeral/shared secret?/client specific? information in webmention?
    geofence = GPS+Bounding
    2 stage assert workflow for IndieMon
    Monster Creator posts geofence (venue) [criteria] [Monster deployment post?]
    Claimant posts check-in [proof] and webmentions geofence (venue)
    Monstor Creator validates check-in, webmentions Claiment, includes list of Monsters [award, shared secret]
    Claimant posts Monster [award, shared secret, proof] to (venue)
    Monstor Creator validates Monstercheck-in, webmentions Claiment, includes list of Monsters [award, shared secret]
    IndieMon webring? check-in to each site
    Venue clearing house (proxy-to-silo? swarm?)
    assertion brainstorming
    basic HTML req, GET, PUT, POST -> some measurable action

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